Battle of the Stains Contestant: Penofin

For long lasting, weather resistant decks, the proper stain can make all the difference.

Decks, handrails, conservatories and lanais all have one thing in common: wood that needs protection from the elements. Builders everywhere want to know what is the best stain to finish off their projects. Penofin champions their stains over all the others—but you be the judge.

Penofin boasts of 5,245,440 satisfied customers. Here is what they like: Penofin is the “only low-solid, non-film forming wood stain in the world.” The stain penetrates wood with rosewood oil from Brazil to protect its most vital components whereas most stains simply coat the surface of wood. Penofin also provides the highest rated UVA and UVB ray protection on the market, maxing out at 99%. Lastly, Penofin products include alkyd resin for fast drying and mildewcides to protect your wood from dampness and mildew.

Let us know what you think about Penofin wood stains. Are you one of the 5+million satisfied customers?

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Source: Penofin

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