Build Small Wood Cabinets for Various Uses

If you’re looking to build a small wood cabinet that can be used to store various things, you should think about building a jelly cupboard. The jelly cupboard is a cabinet that was popular in rural areas during the mid-1800’s and was used for storing preserves. You can use it to store whatever you want, and it’s a great way to add a country-style element to the kitchen. The following are a few tips on building one:

woodworking tips

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It’s recommended that you use edge-glued panels so that you’ll have enough width to get a face frame as well as a door out of a single piece. Also, unlike something such as plywood, your cut edges will be smooth and feel like they are finished once you paint them. You’ll want to use a circular saw in order to cut your pieces out of the cut list found here and then glue and nail them using a pneumatic nailer and 1 ¼ nails. Once you’ve put all the pieces together, you’ll want to put on the front by installing the hinges and the knob.

Build a jelly cabinet for your home and contact us at Schutte Lumber for additional woodworking tips.

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