Composite Decking: The Real Deal

composite decking

Beautiful composite wood deck

If you’re building a deck and looking at the materials in your favorite Kansas City lumberyard, you should seriously consider using composite decking. It’s beautiful and environmentally friendly. It will save you money and hundreds of hours of maintenance throughout your lifetime.

  • Composite boards are perfect living surfaces for exterior decks, walkways, balconies, porches and stairs. They’re an extruded material using high-density polyethylene and cellulose fibers such as rice or flax hulls, with embossed wood-grain patterns. They’ll far outlast any natural wood, including pressure-treated lumber, saving lots of forests.
  • The array of composite colors in your Kansas City lumberyard will suit any décor. You’ll find Burnt Walnut, Antique Brown, Golden Oak, Slate Grey, and Western Redwood. Your staining days will be permanently over.
  • There’s no maintenance for composite materials, except for an occasional quick, yearly hosing. You’ll never again need deep cleaning, sanding, stripping, or especially sealing. The boards are impervious to sun, wind, snow, and water. They will never rot or split.
  • You’ll never have to over-order decking to compensate for less-than-perfect boards, and installation is the same as with wood.

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2 responses to “Composite Decking: The Real Deal”

  1. John Ferguosn says:

    I need a price on 2″x4″ and 2″x6″ Composite decking they can be 10′ or 12′ long for the pricing or what lengths they come in. I am building a few picnic tables and want them to last so that is why I am using composite lumber.

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