Holiday Decorations that Direct Attention to Architecture

Decorating for the holidays gives homeowners a chance to highlight the architecture of their home. In the most recent issue of Kansas City Homes and Gardens, we came across a holiday tour article that we think perfectly exemplifies this. In the article, one residence showcased holiday decorations that draw the eye to the magnificent millwork in the kitchen.

The holiday decorations complement the shapes and focal point created through the architectural details in the millwork. As a lumber and mill company here in Kansas City, we appreciated the impeccable detail of the braid and paneling work. The exotic wood that was chosen for its rich color and expensive look also could not go unnoticed.

Read and see more about the homeowners and their decorations at If you are looking for custom mill services in the Kansas City area, come by Schutte Lumber to speak to one of our highly skilled and experienced millworkers.


Photos via Kansas City Homes and Gardens

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