Installing a Wall-Mount Flag Staff

Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to proudly display your American flag. Show support for our nation and our men and women in uniform by install a wall-mount flagpole. Not only it is great for Memorial Day and the 4th of July, the flagpole can display decorative flags for numerous holidays, seasons, and events.

  • Place the bracket on the designated location and outlines the screw  holes using a pencil. Remove the bracket.
  • Pre-drill holes in the marked areas. If you have a brick  home, use a masonry bit and create the hole directly into the brick. Avoid the mortar. It is not advisable to drill into vinyl siding. Instead, locate a wooden post, trim, or column where you can mount your flag staff.
  • Once the pre-drilled holes are finished, squeeze a bit of caulk into each hole. (This will minimize water damage.) Position the bracket over the holes and proceed to secure the bracket using 1 1/4” steel screws. For brick homes, it is recommended to use stainless steel or plastic anchors for a better hold.
  • If the bracket does not seem sturdy, you may want to use longer screws.
  • Insert your flag of choice and enjoy!


Image by Steven W. Belcher

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