Tips for Making a Dado Joint When You Don’t Have the Right Tools

July 13, 2015

When it comes to joining wood together, one of the best joints you can use is the dado joint. However, in order to make a dado joint, you’ll need to make precision cuts. Typically, you’ll want to use a dado blade or a table saw. However, if you have neither, you can still cut dado

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Achieve the Perfect Finish for Your Hard Work With Good Polyurethane Technique

May 29, 2015

Once you’ve completed a wood project, you’ll want to add a polyurethane finish to add both beauty and protection. Use the following tips to finish your wood: Make sure you are working in a dust-free setting. Apply the stain to your wood and then let it dry. If you aren’t using water-based polyurethane, you’ll want to reduce

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Storage Tips to Keep Your Tools Safe and Organized

January 30, 2015
tips for storing tools

One of the most important steps in making sure your workshop is safe and functional is the way in which you organize your workshop. The following are a few tips for storing your tools to make them easily accessible: French-fitting storage – There are a lot of advantages to using a French-fitting system. First of

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Take Wood Dust Seriously: Protect Yourself and Your Employees

December 23, 2014
working with wood in Kansas City

When it comes to working with wood in Kansas City, safety should be your number one priority. And safety doesn’t just concern your tools – it also concerns things such as wood dust. The following are a few wood dust safety tips to keep in mind: Wear dust masks – Made out of disposable cloth

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Make Your Kid's Childhood Magical by Building a Playhouse in Your Yard

November 12, 2014

Do you want to do something special for your kid? If so, why not build him or her a playhouse in your yard? Having their own playhouse will certainly make their childhood a memorable one!  The following are a few tips for building a playhouse in your backyard: Rustic Kids via Houzz A great idea for

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Keeping Your Woodshop Organized for Maximum Efficiency

April 22, 2013

Whether you have a large woodshop space or you have a small workbench in the back of your garage, keeping it organized is key to working in an efficient manner. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, consider the following when organizing your woodshop. Although you won’t necessarily repeat products for each job, you will

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Tips for Drawing Arcs on Lumber

April 11, 2012

Two of our favorite sources — Woodworker’s Journal and woodworking.com — had a tip on how to draw a variety of arcs on wood using just a thin scrap of wood and a simple drawstring. Step 1: Pull the drawstring out of the bottom of an old coat. Step 2: Cut a hole on either end of

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Dovetails: Machine-cut vs. Hand-cut

February 27, 2012

Created through a pin-and-tail interlocking system, dovetails are commonly known as the most beautiful joints in woodworking. Historically, dovetails were purely functional. But now, dovetails are used in modern woodworking projects primarily for aesthetic purposes. The ‘half-blind’ dovetail shown below is a popular decorative joint for drawers, but there are also ‘full-blind’ (or secret) dovetails and

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Choosing the Right Marking Tools for Woodworking

October 7, 2011

The accuracy of your project is determined by the precision of your layout work. There are many options out there for marking tools, and many woodworkers have different opinions. We consulted a reliable source for the real scoop on how to make your mark. Popular Woodworking Magazine writer Robert W. Lang addresses this basic yet important woodworking

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The All-Time Best Books on Woodworking

September 28, 2011

If you live and breathe wood like we do, then a good book on woodworking is more than educational for you, it’s actually enjoyable, too. We used our own experiences and some research to find out what are the all-time best woodworking books currently on the shelves. Here is our list of what we find

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