Find the Perfect Hammer for Your Toolbox

March 6, 2015
woodworking tips

Hammers aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of tool. They come in all shapes and sizes. Getting the right hammer depends on what your needs are. The following are a few tips for finding the perfect hammer for your toolbox: Hammers that have long handles and heavy handles that weigh upwards of 28 ounces are meant for framing

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Top 3 Tools Every Woodworking Enthusiast Should Have

December 19, 2012

The only thing woodworking enthusiasts like more than a great piece of wood is all the tools that come with the hobby. Schutte Lumber Co. in Kansas City understands this and wants the beginners out there to get a good start. These are the three tools every woodworker should have. We assume you already have

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Create an Eco-Friendly Woodshop

October 8, 2010

With the unveiling of the new Kansas City green living show home this weekend, we want to offer some tips for creating an eco-friendly woodshop. We came across an interesting forum on the topic started on the Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement website that contains some great ideas: Create an Eco-Friendly Wood Shop Replace incandescent

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