Building a Better Birdhouse

August 30, 2012

The kids just went back to school which means fall is right around the corner. And with the warm weather ending, the handy supply of insects, seeds and worms on which our local songbirds dine, start to get scarce. Why not spend a couple of hours this weekend crafting an easy bird house/feeder so that your

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Matching Wood Grain and Pattern

August 20, 2012

The best furniture and architectural details often have matching wood grain or pattern. The process takes more time and skill, but the result is well worth it. Here are some examples of excellent work with matching wood patterns:   Book matching is seen in this chest, where veneer leafs mirror each other across the seam, like pages

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Follow Schutte Lumber on Twitter!

August 16, 2012

For the latest news in building materials, woodworking, lumber, and more…. follow Schutte Lumber on Twitter by clicking here!   And, if you are in the Kansas City area, contact us or stop by! We’d love to see you!

Wooden Pencil Boxes

August 13, 2012

With back-to-school approaching, it’s a great time to craft or purchase a wooden pencil box. Here are some examples to inspire:   The clever interlocking design of this Mahogany and Tasmanian oak box, from an English company, accomodates an eraser. This pencil box, from Present & Correct, has laser etched graphics, but you could achieve the

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Educators Promote Woodshop

August 9, 2012

After years of cutting back, some educators are placing a new emphasis on woodworking, the Boston Globe reported. These educators are being supported by studies showing clear benefits for youth. Retention rates. A study by Calfornia’s Little Hoover Commission found that woodshop and vocational programs help engage students with different learning styles. According to The Boston Globe: “(Shop students) stayed in school

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Tell Us About Your Woodworking Project!

August 8, 2012

We here at Schutte Lumber would love to hear about your woodworking project! Tell us in the comments section below about your favorite project and what inspired it. Feel free to include links. One of the great things about the lumber business, in Kansas City and beyond, is that we get to meet such talented

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USA Today: Woodworking Special Time for Kids

August 6, 2012

Woodworking was one of the activities suggested by a recent USA Today article entitled “Parents can build in special time with kids this summer.” The hobby was suggested for the following reasons: One-on-one time. Woodworking has been a bonding experience throughout the generations because it is an activity between parent and child, without the distractions of a

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Hoover Treated Wood Products Endure

August 3, 2012

    Hoover Treated Wood Products provides pressure-impregnated kiln-dried lumber and plywood materials, which are fire retardant. Here are some highlights from Hoover’s collections: Pyro-Guard®. Pyro-Guard is pressure-impregnated, fire-retardant treated wood and plywood for enclosed structural applications. It is proudly made in the U.S.A. Exterior Fire-X®. Exterior Fire-X® provides fire protected lumber for both indoor and outdoor areas

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Shakertown's High-Quality Cedar Shingles

August 1, 2012

Shakertown crafts deluxe Western Red Cedar shingles for residential and commercial siding applications. For more than fifty years, Shakertown has made shingles with 100% clear vertical grain heartwood cedar. Cedar shingles are attractive, adding texture, dimension, and character. Cedar is also practical, resisting hard rains, bright sun, and pests. Western Red Cedar shingles hold up

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