Be Safe When You Use That Router Table

August 30, 2013

Router bits are relatively small and don’t seem like they could do a lot of damage; however, using a router improperly could result in an injury. Follow these basic tips to keep safe when using your router table.  Always wear safety glasses when operating a table router, even if you’re just making a quick change.

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Tips for Staining Your Deck After a Summer of Use

August 27, 2013

Your deck likely gets a ton of use during the summer months, and once fall arrives, it may need some maintenance and a new coat of stain. Follow these basic tips to prepare your deck for staining. Before You Start Before staining your deck, you need to take everything off and move it out of

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A Field Guide to Woodworking Joints

August 22, 2013

No two woodworkers will agree on the best joint to use in every situation. Still, knowing the basics of each type of joint will serve the average woodworking hobbyist well. Here is a quick rundown on the various types of joints used in woodworking: Butt Joint – The most basic joint. Two pieces of wood

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Save That Project! Solutions to Common Woodworking Mistakes

August 19, 2013

Woodworking can be an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. Watching as a piece comes to fruition underneath your hands is truly rewarding. Unfortunately, there are times when a single misstep can ruin an otherwise exceptional project. Here are three common woodworking mistakes and a few ways to make them right: Router Burn – If you aren’t

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Keeping Your Wood Deck Protected from Water Damage

August 15, 2013

A wooden deck that is well-built and well-maintained can easily give your family years of enjoyment. In order to keep your deck in tip top shape, it’s important to inspect the boards, railings and stairs on an annual basis. Water is the number one enemy of wooden decks. During your inspection, play close attention to any areas

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Using Pocket Joints in Woodworking

August 13, 2013

The secret to great woodworking is not always working hard, it is also working smart. A case in point is joinery. You can spend a lot of time on making biscuits and using clamps and glue, but for other projects, the use of pocket joints and screws is just as strong and far easier. Joining

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