Bamboo and the Modern Home

One of the main reasons we appreciate Bamboo is because it’s a rapidly renewable resource, meaning it replenishes itself quickly and naturally, ensuring that deforestation is minimized. Bamboo also provides a good-looking, tough and durable option for your home, whether it’s flooring, cabinetry or other surfaces.

And although bamboo certainly lends itself to an array of styles in the home, its sleek surface is a great counterpart to modern homes. One of our favorite types of bamboo, Teragren, was incorporated into a modern makeover in the master bathroom, inspiring an article in Kansas City Homes & Gardens called “Mindful Minimalism“.

Photo by Michael Sinclair/Kansas City Homes & Gardens

In this master bath remodel, bamboo was chosen for its "natural and simplistic qualities." Photo by Michael Sinclair/Kansas City Homes & Gardens

According to the article: “Inspired by a Zen garden on a trip to Japan, the Junks incorporated the idea of floating planes with solid planks of custom bamboo cabinets that appear to float in space. The horizontal plane of the sink vanity appears to hover in mid-air, except where it slightly overlaps the tub deck. A bench and a makeup vanity also have the same no-fuss, linear concept.”

Photo by Michael Sinclair / Kansas City Homes & Gardens

Photo by Michael Sinclair / Kansas City Homes & Gardens

Where might you incorporate this fast-growing material into your next remodeling project? Keep us posted.

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