Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your options for picking up and delivering materials?

A: Find out all you need to know on our Pick up and Delivery: Do’s and Don’t’s page.


Q: What is the difference between kiln dried, no kiln dried, air dried, and green lumber?

A: Find that answer and many more specifications in our list of common lumber terms.


Q: Will Schutte Lumber Company buy my trees or logs?

A: No, we do not. There are other local resources who will, though, including Urban Lumber Company.


Q: Can you build a set of cabinets (etc.) for me?

A: No, but we can provide the lumber and tools to you! We also have years of experience and advice to share if you have questions.


Q: Why did I only get 1.5′ x 3.5′ dimensions of wood when I paid for 2’x4′?

A: Because of the difference between nominal and actual dimensions. Nominal dimension is what the wood starts out at when it is rough sawn and green (ex. 2′ x 4′). Actual dimension is after the board is dried and surfaced smooth on all four sides. Now it is 1.5′ x 3.5′.


Q: Will I be able to see the mill work I ordered before I pay for it?

A: No, all mill work orders must be paid in full before work will begin.


Q: Can I get ripped lumber or pieces of plywood cut down today?

A: Probably not. Those would have to go to the mill to be processed and there is usually a longer turn around time.


Q: This wood won’t fit in my car, can you cut it down for me?

A: Yes! The showroom can cut pieces down to fit to haul, but we cannot guarantee exact measurements. Exact measurements need to be sent to the mill for processing.


Q: I bought lumber from somewhere else, will you guys cut it down for me?

A: No, unfortunately, we only cut our own products.


Any other questions or concerns you may have, please direct to our showroom or sales staff. We would be happy to assist you! Give us a call at (816) 753-6262

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