Interested in Building Furniture? Make it Multipurpose by Adding Storage

February 20, 2015
woodworking Kansas City

Building your own furniture can be a very rewarding experience. Not only can you save a bit of money, you’ll also add much more personality and character to your interior design with self-built furniture. If you do decide to build furniture yourself, consider making it multi-functional. The following are a few ideas for multi-functional furniture

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Up Your Cabinet Making Game With Dado Joints

February 16, 2015
woodworking Kansas City

If you have had a little bit of experience building cabinets, then maybe it’s time to up your game a little bit by beginning to use dado joints. Dado joints have been used for hundreds of years to build both cabinets and bookshelves. They can be made using a jig and router, which will allow

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Use Wood Planks to Make Gorgeous Rustic Walls in Your Home

February 12, 2015

Are you trying to add a bit more character to your walls? If so, why not do something a little more unique, such as adding wood planks to your walls? Doing so will help to create a rustic atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming. The following are a few tips for putting up planks on your walls:

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Get the Perfect Varnish on Your Wood

February 6, 2015
woodworking tips

Once you are done building your wood project, there’s a good chance you’ll want to add a varnish in order to add that extra layer of protection and shine. The following are a few tips for getting the perfect varnish on your wood: The first thing you’ll need to do is prep your wood by

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Jigsaws Are One of the Best Tools to Start Woodworking

February 2, 2015
woodworking tips

If you’re just starting out in your woodworking hobby, then one essential tool you’ll want to get a hold of is a jigsaw. The jigsaw allows you to make incredibly precise cuts, whether straight or curved, and is easy for anyone to use, no matter how much experience you may have. Jigsaws are used by

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Getting Prepared to Organize Your Workshop

January 23, 2015
woodworking tips

Keeping your workshop organized is essential. An unorganized woodshop makes it less efficient to work since it’s often more difficult to find or access materials and tools – not to mention it’s often less safe. The following are a few things you should do to prepare to organize your workshop: Categorize by station – There’s

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Make a Simple Step Stool for Your Home

January 14, 2015
tips for working with wood

If you’re looking to make a small piece of furniture that is relatively easy to build and that will add function to any part of your home, then we recommend starting off with a step stool. Step stools can be easily placed throughout the home and can come in real handy when trying to reach

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Tips for Cutting Your Baseboards Just Right

January 9, 2015
woodworking tips

If you enjoy doing simple renovations around the home that require the use of some woodworking skills yourself, then one of the things that you should be able to do is to install your own baseboards. While installing baseboards on your own isn’t too tricky, trying to cut them properly can be slightly more difficult.

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Take Wood Dust Seriously: Protect Yourself and Your Employees

December 23, 2014
working with wood in Kansas City

When it comes to working with wood in Kansas City, safety should be your number one priority. And safety doesn’t just concern your tools – it also concerns things such as wood dust. The following are a few wood dust safety tips to keep in mind: Wear dust masks – Made out of disposable cloth

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Build a Wood Playhouse as the Ultimate Holiday Gift for Your Kids

December 15, 2014
wood in kansas city

Are you trying to think of a unique and memorable gift that you can make for your children for the holidays? If so, why not put your wood working skills to use by building them a wood playhouse? The following are a few brief tips to help you build a wood playhouse as a holiday

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