4 Tips for Optimizing Moulding Production

April 30, 2012

The ultimate goal in moulding operations is to achieve the most accurate results at the lowest cost possible. From Woodworking Network, here are 4 ways to optimize moulding production in the wood shop. Use a high cutterhead RPM of 10,000; this will allow you to achieve both a high feeding rate and a quality surface

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How to Achieve the Weathered Wood Look

April 25, 2012

Distressed wood has become an extremely popular trend in residential and commercial interior design. The character and charm that imperfect, weathered wood adds to interiors is simply unrivaled. Take this restaurant entrance design by Jaye Lee Interiors for example. New wood simply cannot replicate this effect… or can it? You can in fact achieve this refined rustic look on your own

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Spring 2012 Kansas City Spring Parade of Homes

April 22, 2012

See home building at its best at the Spring 2012 Kansas City Spring Parade of Homes, sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City. This spring marks the 50th year of this Kansas City tradition, which was recently reported on by the Kansas City Star. The 2012 Spring Parade of Homes began April

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Tips for Best Practices in Drilling

April 20, 2012

Think of drilling like threading a needle; it’s sometimes a lot harder than you would think. Based off of a Start Woodworking article by Ernie Conover, here are the 7 best practices for safe and effective drilling. Identify and mark the center of the drill hole. Place a sacrificial scrap of wood underneath the work piece to prevent

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Orientation Safety Training at the Guild Shop April 24

April 18, 2012

When it comes to woodworking, no measurements are as important as the proper safety measures. The Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild is holding the next orientation safety training on April 24th, 2012 at 7pm. This two and a half hour training session will prepare Guild members to use Sawdust Makers as well as allow them to

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Tips for Drawing Arcs on Lumber

April 11, 2012

Two of our favorite sources — Woodworker’s Journal and woodworking.com — had a tip on how to draw a variety of arcs on wood using just a thin scrap of wood and a simple drawstring. Step 1: Pull the drawstring out of the bottom of an old coat. Step 2: Cut a hole on either end of

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Wooden Raised Beds for Beautiful (& Edible) Gardens

April 6, 2012

A renewed interest in locally-grown and organic produce has led to a raised bed garden craze. If you or your clients are looking to build a vegetable garden, a wooden raised bed is a terrific option. Here’s why: Seating. This Portland garden by Rob Kyne has raised garden beds made of beautiful pressure treated lumber. Boards along the

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Wood of the Month: Aspen

April 2, 2012

Spring is in full bloom, and in honor of the season of new beginnings, we thought it would be appropriate to spotlight aspen wood. Rising with out of the ashes, aspen trees are known to thrive in locations where there have been fires. Because it is lightweight, strong and odorless, aspen is a wonderful wood

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