Throw a Curve at Your Deck Design

June 29, 2013

Looking for something unique to upgrade the outside look of your home.  Consider a deck with curves! Using quality Kansas City lumber and materials from Schutte Lumber Company, it is easy to build an appealing deck without the harsh lines or tired old plans of traditional decks. Building a deck with softer angles can compliment your

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Working With Wood May Help Reduce Stress

June 28, 2013

We are all familiar with the more common ways to relieve stress. Painting, cooking and exercising are common ways that people can unwind and release tension. But, did you ever think woodworking would be on that list? Woodworking is particularly satisfying as it combines the physical deftness of the woodworker’s hands with the mental agility

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Elements of Fine Woodworking

June 27, 2013

For an aspiring woodworker, it can be difficult to overcome the beginning hurdles of the craft to ascend to the level of master. However, by utilizing a few clever woodworking ideas, any craftsman can improve the quality of their finished product. Of course, observing the classic cliche “measure twice, cut once” is always relevant. It

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What to Know When Building a Deck

June 26, 2013

Adding a deck is a great way to add extra space to your home for dining, entertaining or just plain relaxing. While the process of building a deck may seem straightforward, there are several important things that a homeowner must consider. First, most municipalities have various requirements that must be met when building a deck.

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Birch Makes Excellent Wood for Cabinets

June 25, 2013

For centuries, master woodworkers have chosen to build cabinets from hardwoods such as maple, oak and mahogany. The nature of hardwoods makes them ideal choice for this application but their cost is often prohibitive for some homeowners. Fortunately, yellow birch offers a solution that combines the same great characteristics of hardwoods and an affordable price.

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Easy Woodcraft Projects to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

June 24, 2013

If you’re looking for some woodworking projects to do with your kids this summer, we’ve got a few right here, some easy, some more advanced: A small wood bench can be made from a few cut boards (adults should use the jigsaw or handsaw for this), kids can do the smaller cuts for lap joints,

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Tips for Fitting Deck Posts

June 1, 2013

Fitting a deck post is not as difficult as it may seem. There are a few tips you can follow to fit the deck posts and maintain its squareness. Start with the posts, making sure that they are measured to the desired width of the deck. These will start with metal bases into the ground

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