Combine Composting With Comfortable Seating

May 29, 2014

Composting is good for the environment and efficient for your backyard. However, if you don’t have a lot of room in your backyard you may not think there’s an efficient way to create a compost pile at your home. With this woodworking idea, you can build a bench that actually combines stylish outdoor seating with

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Build a Stylish Barn Door for Your Home

May 23, 2014

Barn doors are very popular in all sorts of homes in 2014, so even if you have a modern home or a rustic one, you might want to consider implementing them in your house when it’s time for a remodel. Best of all, barn doors can make your home more interesting without breaking the bank. Decide

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Take Advantage of National Remodeling Month for Your Construction Business

May 20, 2014

This month is National Home Remodeling Month, which means it’s an excellent time to promote your construction business. National Home Remodeling Month is an annual campaign focused on spreading information about the benefits and advantages of hiring a professional remodeler. There are a number of ways that you can promote your construction business during National

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Encourage Kids to Play Outside by Building a Playhouse

May 15, 2014

Kids need exercise outside, but it can be hard to inspire them to part from their computer or videogames. To encourage them to play outside, try building them a playhouse where they can have fun alone and with their friends. Use these tips from for building your own playhouse in Kansas City. Consider your design.

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Take Your Spring Garden to the Next Level With Wood Flower Beds

May 7, 2014

Spring weather is coming back, prompting us to head outside and enjoy the warm sunlight.  Now, before the heat of summer gets to Kansas City, is the perfect time to start outdoor projects like gardening and woodworking. If you enjoy both hobbies, you can combine them by making your own garden beds out of wood. Decide on the

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Quick Guide to Planning Your New Deck

May 2, 2014

Adding a deck onto your home is an ideal way to expand your living space out in the great outdoors. If you love entertaining or just having dinner with the family outside, a deck is something you should have. However, there are quite a few considerations you need to make before you just start building

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