Store Your Excess Wood for Easy Access Later

November 25, 2014
working with wood in Kansas City

When you’re working on wood projects, odds are you end up with some scrap wood once you finish. Knowing how to store your scrap wood properly is important – it should be easily accessible when you need it for other projects. Storing scrap wood, wood off-cuts and salvaged wood, can be a difficult task. These

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How Sawing Techniques Affect Wood Grain

November 21, 2014
woodworking tips

If you are just getting started out on doing a little bit of woodwork, then one thing you should keep in mind is that the way the wood is cut will affect the grain.  The following are a few sawing techniques and how they will affect your wood’s grain: Plain sawn – The most common

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Get Your Crown Molding Right With These Tips

November 17, 2014
woodworking tips crown molding

If you’re looking to add some additional architectural interest to the walls in your home, then you consider installing crown molding. Crown molding is a great way to not only add visual interest, but also a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior design. The following are a few tips for cutting your crown

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Make Your Kid's Childhood Magical by Building a Playhouse in Your Yard

November 12, 2014

Do you want to do something special for your kid? If so, why not build him or her a playhouse in your yard? Having their own playhouse will certainly make their childhood a memorable one!  The following are a few tips for building a playhouse in your backyard: Rustic Kids via Houzz A great idea for

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How Biscuit Joiners Work

November 7, 2014
biscuit joiners

There are a lot of tools out there that are incredibly helpful if you are getting into woodworking. While there is a basic set of tools every casual woodworker needs, if you are serious about woodworking there are a few other tools you’ll want to invest in as well, such as the biscuit joiner. Biscuit

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Simple Ways to Get Water Stains Out of Your Wood Projects

November 3, 2014
woodworking project tips

Nothing is more cringe-worthy than watching a glass or mug removed from one of your wood projects that you worked so hard on, only to leave behind a water stain. Fortunately, water stains are relatively easy to remove. The following are a few tips for removing water stains from wood: Use petroleum jelly – Simply

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