3 Easy Woodworking Project Ideas For Beginners

Image via Howard Grey on Getty Images

Woodworking has always been the sort of hobby that most are interested in trying someday, but never really get around to doing it. If you’re tired of thinking about it and want to start right away, here are some great woodworking tips and ideas so you can start your first projects.

Basic Wooden Boxes

You want to start small, so you could get the hang of the basics of woodworking. Making simple boxes is the way to start.  This project requires little material, resources, or skill

Wooden Spoon

This is something else very simple but a bit more complicated. It’s just the right step to take after you think you got the hang of the basics. Making a wooden spoon is still a pretty basic project so you should find the perfect balance between an easy beginner’s project and a challenging next step.


When you started woodworking, you probably only thought about making boring basic stuff like boxes or spoons. But with woodworking, the possibilities are endless. You could even make cool fun stuff like a boomerang. This is another simple project, but even a bit more challenging than the spoon.

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