Add a Pond to Your Deck

There are a lot of ways you can spruce up your backyard area. Building a deck is an excellent way to provide you with some space suitable for enjoying the outdoors, while a pond is a feature that will certainly add tranquility and beauty to your yard. If you want both, why not combine the two?

Rustic Landscape via Houzz

There are actually ways that you can add a pond to your deck. For a truly unique look, surround your pond with your deck. Doing so isn’t too difficult. Basically, instead of using the plastic liners that most ponds use for the walls of the pond, build a frame using wood walls and use a single-piece rubber liner in order to hold the water.

While building a deck around a pond isn’t too difficult, it is a time consuming process. You’ll spend a decent chunk of time digging the hole for the pond as well as laying in your gravel footings. Fortunately, once this is completed, laying down the deck isn’t too difficult.

For a unique and tranquil backyard, build a deck around a small pond. For additional woodworking tips and ideas, be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber today.