Build a Wood Playhouse as the Ultimate Holiday Gift for Your Kids

Are you trying to think of a unique and memorable gift that you can make for your children for the holidays? If so, why not put your wood working skills to use by building them a wood playhouse? The following are a few brief tips to help you build a wood playhouse as a holiday gift for the kids:

wood in kansas city
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The first thing you’ll want to do is build the base of the playhouse. Basically, you’ll want to build a deck. When figuring out the measurements of the base, make sure that the deck will extend a couple of feet beyond the front of the playhouse to create a small porch. Once your deck is in place, you’ll want to build the rear and side walls. Be sure to add a window frame opening where you want it. The front wall is going to obviously need a door space. After you’ve built and attached the walls, you’ll need to work on the roof. This includes constructing rafters to sit on your wall studs in order to provide optimum support for the roof.

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