Building a Better Birdhouse

The kids just went back to school which means fall is right around the corner. And with the warm weather ending, the handy supply of insects, seeds and worms on which our local songbirds dine, start to get scarce. Why not spend a couple of hours this weekend crafting an easy bird house/feeder so that your colorful backyard guests will have both a safe place to nest along with a convenient food source on those cold winter days.


With a little imagination you can build everything from one which mimics your home, to a birdhouse condo, to something as wonderfully simple as the one shown here:

Kansas wood
Image freshhomeideas.com

With over 250 different species of birds in and around the Kansas City area, it’s important to build houses and feeders to proper size for the types of birds you are trying to attract. Plus, a covered feeder is best for keeping the seed dry and if constructed correctly, away from those pesky squirrels.


Kansas birdhouse
Plymouth Nursery


Come visit us here at Schutte Lumber for all your birdhouse/feeder woodworking supplies or for any other home projects you may have in mind.

Kansas birdhouse
Tree Swallow Nest Box Plans

Photo 1:  freshhomeideas.com


Photo 2: Plymouth Nursery | Cut Above Wood Products Cedar Bird Feeder – Plymouth, MI


Photo 3:  Tree Swallow Nest Box Plans