Building Your Very Own Wine Rack

wine rack

Wooden wine rack

Any wine lover will know that keeping a large quantity of bottles can lead to problems if you do not have adequate storage. While wine racks are the ideal solution, they can be expensive. Building a wine rack yourself is the perfect, affordable project for any DIY enthusiast.

  • Cut hardwood into four side panels measuring 12 inches by 6 inches.
  • Create wine supports by cutting the wood into four 24-inch by 3-inch pieces.
  • Using a jig or handsaw, cut two notches on either side of boards measuring 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch. Position the notches one inch from the corners on the long sides.
  • Test fit the wood, sanding or sawing the notches as necessary.
  • Cut five four-inch arcs along two of the wine supports starting two inches from the end of the board. Leave 20 inches in between each arc.
  • Cut five half-inch arcs in the other two wine supports for the bottle necks.
  • Sand down and assemble your wine rack.

Whether you want to use oak, maple, walnut or a different hardwood for your wine rack, check out our range of choices at Schutte Lumber. And check out the rest of our blog for more woodworking tips and ideas.

image via mike cogh

One response to “Building Your Very Own Wine Rack”

  1. Hi
    Great photo! This rack is the actual one built by my husband, a professional joiner, for friends.( in Australia) Word of warning – don ‘t build it too high before you check access doors! Also a good idea to seal the timber if it will be in a basement.

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