Caring for Oak Wood Products

Beautiful oak is a matter of routine maintenace.

Caring for your oak wood products is simple with a few simple tips in mind.

Daily Dusting Use a silicone based product for dusting and adding cosmetic shine to many types of oak cabinets and furniture. Most silicon products do the double duty of repelling detergents and dust. It is important to note that silicon is not effective on newly finished oak wood. It will leave a faint residue that often dulls the shine of your furniture instead of enhancing it. Silicone based products should not be used on antiques.

Conditioning Condition antique and well-worn oak with oil-based cleaners. These can be used for routine cleaning and the oil soaks into the wood a bit to restore its natural beauty and color.

Homemade Oak Cleaner Homemade solutions are inexpensive and often clean finished oak just as well as store brought products. Try mixing ½ vinegar and ½ olive oil and apply the mixture to a small, inconspicuous portion of your oak furniture using a lint free cloth. Wait ten minutes and check your furniture. If the results are desirable, clean the remaining portion of the wood.

Source: ehow.com

Image Source: cozypad.com