Cherry vs. Alder: Knowing What Wood is Right for You

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Source: Flickr

Cherry and alder look very similar in their raw state, but depending on what working project you’ve got going, there’s likely one type of wood that will be better for you. Use this brief guide to figure out whether cherry or alder is right for you.

Choose Your Grain Pattern

Depending on what you’re using your lumber for you’ll likely want a smooth grain pattern or one that has more natural features and pits.

Alder has a smooth, uniform grain pattern that’s ideal for staining and a completely even finish.

Cherry has natural streaks and pits that give the wood character. However, cherry cannot always be stained evenly unless you plan on using a very dark color and just want cherry for its strength.

Consider Your Price Point

Alder is a considerably softer wood than cherry, but it’s also quite a bit cheaper than buying cherry, especially if you’re working with bulk quantities.

Alder also weighs considerably less, which could be a significant factor if you’re making something very large or that needs to be moved on a regular basis.

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