Children & Woodworking: Creating a Lifelong Passion

The fine art of handcraftsmanship in many cases is being lost these days and people are no longer taking pride in being able to say, “I made this.” Introducing children to the art of woodworking not only gives them that sense of pride in something they have accomplished on their own but a skill that might just develop into a thriving career as they get older.

Children are naturally curious and introducing them to woodworking, as a hobby can be as easy as inviting them to watch while you sand or use a smoothing plane. Use common sense when teaching children. Make sure they have adult supervision at all times and don’t allow them to use tools they haven’t been trained on. Always have children use a clamp or vise in order to lessen the chance for injury and make sure their workbench is the right size for their height.

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Photo via YourWoodworkingIdeas.com