Chosing the Router That’s Right for You

Routers are a woodworker’s best friend. Knowing how to chose the right router can be as difficult as finding a new friend; there are numerous variables depending on your project and an array of confusing accessories. Your friends at Schutte Lumber have drudged up a bit of assistance.

Triton Plunge Router

The two most common routers are Plunge and Fixed Base. Plunge routers are easy to adjust whether the router is moving or stationery. It’s the most versatile option and is great for specialty cuts, creating letters and numbers, or any other task that requires you to bore into wood.

On a Fixed Base router, the tool must be off before you can adjust the depth of the cut. It can accomplish the same tasks as a Plunge with a bit of extra effort. The benefit is that it is easier to use for beginnings and is often less expensive.

Source: nationalwoodworking.com