Different Ways to Protect Outdoor Wood Decks and Furniture

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Source: Flickr

Fall is the perfect time to clean and protect your wood deck and patio furniture before the weather turns nasty.

  • Inspect and repair any damage to the decking, stairs and railings before giving the entire area a good pressure washing. Store all furniture cushions and gently clean the wooden frames.
  • Decide if you need a wood preservative, a water repellent or an all-in-one product called (obviously) a water repellent wood preservative.
  • Federal environmental laws consider wood preservatives pesticides because they are formulated to kill mold, mildew, fungi and the insects that can damage wood – so read directions carefully.
  • Wood water repellents are oil based products that prevent water from soaking into the lumber. Since the moisture level is reduced, the wood is less likely to crack and warp.
  • The combination water repellent wood preservative is a good product to use on all decking whether left natural, painted or stained. If painting or staining make sure to coat all sides of the boards for maximum protection.

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