Dovetailing with Ease

Image by Cheryl Dudley

Organization is one of those things that you’re naturally good at, or you aren’t. Organization is, oddly, one of the keys to success when it comes to dovetailing. Begin by laying out all of the drawer pieces, face down. Label the inside along the bottom edge, using helpful abbreviations like BL (back left) FR (front right) etc.

Next, label the jig accordingly, being sure to rout the corner on the proper side of the jigsaw. Make sure that each piece is tightly secured against the stops before routing. Secure all templates.

Slowly route the slots, beginning on the right and working carefully to minimize chip-out.  (To reduce the risk of chipping, make a shallow pass from right to left to score the side of the drawer.) Rout the joint from left to right, then return from right to left. Check the cuts to ensure that all cuts are clean and complete before removing the piece from your jigsaw.

To test the connection, place the tail piece (drawer side) exterior face down on the bench and press the socket piece (drawer front) onto it. Do it in this order to prevent chipping.

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For more helpful hints by Craig Reugsegger, visit WoodMagazine.com.

Image Source: Cheryl.Dudley