Encourage Kids to Play Outside by Building a Playhouse

Kids need exercise outside, but it can be hard to inspire them to part from their computer or videogames. To encourage them to play outside, try building them a playhouse where they can have fun alone and with their friends. Use these tips from for building your own playhouse in Kansas City.

  • building a playhouse Kansas City
    Source: Flickr

    Consider your design. If you live in an area with regular rain or weather, you’ll likely need to build a playhouse that has both an open and closed design. This is especially good if your child wants to have sleepovers in their playhouse and you have space for one large enough to accommodate that.

  • Find a level place for your playhouse. It will be more stable on a flat surface, which means a safer playhouse for your kids.
  • Pick out your wood. There’s no need to spend tons of money on exotic wood – basic strong wood and plywood can be the foundation of your playhouse. You can always paint the wood to give it a fun kid-friendly feel that matches your home.

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