Festool Helps You Find the Right Abrasive for Your Sander

Sanding is an integral part of most every home improvement project. However, when you’re working with an unfamiliar type of wood, doing a new job, or are just plain new to woodworking, knowing what type of abrasive to use can be difficult. Luckily Festool has a system designed to help you figure out exactly which abrasive is right for your tools and your project.

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    Select your sander. Before you can pick the right type of abrasive, you’ll need to note the model of sander you have. Not all abrasives work with different sanders.

  • Choose the application. Picking an abrasive really depends on the job, and you’ll need something very different for sanding a painted surface versus sanding automotive parts. You will need even something different for things made of fiberglass.
  • Determine grit range. If you know the basic grit range you’re looking for you can enter this into the Festool system. If not, the automated system will show you different products that match your first two selections so you can find the grit that’s right for you.

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