Fully Equipped with the Raimann ProfiRip Rip Saw

Behold the Raimann ProfiRip KR 310 Series Rip Saw, a valuable player on our mill team here at Schutte Lumber. This optimum cutting machine exemplifies our dedication to proficiency and accuracy in all of our mill services. With its advanced technology, high output efficiency, wide range of capabilities, superior cutting quality and glue joint ripping, we can cut costs for our customers while still achieving impeccable results on every piece of lumber.

Combine the best machinery in the industry including the Raimann Rip Saw system and the Weinig Unitmat 1000 Moulder with our highly experienced and skilled craftsman here at Schutte Lumber and you get custom rough timber sizing and surface S4S, over 1,500 available moulding and siding patters and perfectly tailored architectural pieces. Schutte Lumber is hence outfitted with the equipment and knowledge to handle any job, big or small. See what we can do by watching the Schutte Lumber Mill Tour video. Then when you have a project, come to our shop at 3001 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City.