Furniture Designer Makes Beautiful Pieces With a Charred Finish

woodworking furniture
Source: YaroslavGalant.com

Woodworking requires technical skills, proper tools and some creative imagination. When these elements are combined, the beauty of the craft clearly becomes an art form. One Ukrainian designer, Yaroslav Galant, has taken woodworking to new heights with his woodworking ideas.

Yaroslav Galant has created a stunning furniture collection called “Born 2B Burn” by using charred wood. Partially burned wood pieces are used to design furniture ranging from classic to contemporary in style. This unusual concept has introduced a new look with striking effects.

To begin the process, the furniture frame is charred at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit using a special tool. The high temperature carbonizes the wood’s surface adding the right color and texture while leaving the wood’s core undamaged. When the wood cools down, it’s impregnated with epioftonal, a special substance patented by Galant. The wood is then left to crystallize, a process that takes a week to a month to reach the desired look. To finish, wood surfaces are varnished, and the results – amazing!

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