Getting Prepared to Organize Your Workshop

Keeping your workshop organized is essential. An unorganized woodshop makes it less efficient to work since it’s often more difficult to find or access materials and tools – not to mention it’s often less safe. The following are a few things you should do to prepare to organize your workshop:

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    Categorize by station – There’s a temptation to categorize by function, such as putting all of your screwdrivers together. However, it makes more sense to have all the tools for one specific station together – such as an assembly table or a workbench.

  • Improve accessibility – Pick up some rare earth magnets so that you can hold some of your tools underneath your bench and on the legs to make them easier to access. This will help free up some space on your shelves as well.
  • Pick up a shop cart – A shop cart is a great way to store heavier items and to bring them from one work station to another.
  • Pick up a scrap bin – Pick up a bin for all of your wood scraps that can be reused.

Use these tips to organize your workshop and contact us at Schutte Lumber for additional woodworking tips.