Green-focused Building Trends for 2010

Did you know? Green building is expected to grow by more than 60 percent in 2010 alone, (using new, cumulative LEED project registrations as a proxy). Although the focus is expected to change from new construction to existing buildings, here are some trends you can expect to see this year, per the Earth Advantage Institute:

* “Right-sizing” of homes
* Carbon calculations of building materials & processes
* Continued demand for sustainable building education (with an added bonus of higher educational institutions–to the tune of 800–embracing and responding to the call for sustainability)
* More net-zero-energy buildings
* Buy-in to green building by the financial community/the retail sector embracing green building
* The smart grid & connected home

Many of these trends have already begun taking shape, thanks in part to the current administration embracing sustainable practices and increased awareness and accountability on the part of builders, homeowners and retailers alike.