Heavily Knotted Wood is Currently Trending in Design

Kansas City lumber
Source: Flickr

When thinking about your next interior project, consider adding a wood element to enhance any space. Kansas City lumberyard Schutte Lumber Company is just the place to scout out the perfect pieces for that new look.

In design, the use of knotted wood is making quite the comeback. Whether used as the main focal point or as a subtle accent piece, you can easily capture this fresh style in your home.

  • Add texture. Knotted wood often has texture that makes for an eye-catching aesthetic. The natural color can also have a calming effect. Consider hardwood plank floors, wall panels or more.
  • Beams create balance. A streamlined modern home needs a clean, interior, and the color and texture of knotted wood once again can achieve this overall feel. Add knotted wood beams for an interesting ceiling.
  • Nice contrast to color. Bright bold hues can be showcased by weaving in wood elements whether you decide to have bookshelves, door or table.

If you’re ready to reinvent your home with a new look, Schutte Lumber Company is the Kansas City lumberyard that carries everything from deck materials to siding, cedar, white pine products, custom millwork and more. Contact us today.