How Different Pieces of Lumber are Cut From the Tree

Kansas City lumber
Source: stock.xchng

The process of how a tree is most efficiently cut into its constituent boards is one of the most fascinating aspects of the modern sawmill. In the old days, a master carpenter would eye the round side of the log and direct the cuts as each was made.

As wood became more and more valuable, however, a better system was needed. Modern technology was eventually used to make the entire process far more efficient. Now, in the 21st century, computers use an electric eye that determines the best first cut or “opening face.” Then, using a complicated algorithm, the computer determines the best manner in which to saw the rest of the lumber.

In general, this algorithm aims to maximize the number of widest and thickest boards. An examination of the result reveals that a solid post from the core or a number of quite wide boards will result with a concomitant assortment of smaller boards cut from the surrounding wood.

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