How to Get the Best Brushed Finishes

After you have properly prepared your wood surface, how can you ensure you get the best results with a brushed finish? We found a fantastic article from Popular Woodworking Magazine that breaks through the convoluted, counter-intuitive methods and gets back to the basic rules of thumb when it comes to brushing.

The first and foremost trick to achieving professional results is to reflect a light on the surface while finishing. This allows you to easily see any drips, bubbles, sags, runaway bristles, etc. that may occur but are easily fixed simply by brushing  back over that area. Second, it’s best to begin with the least important areas of the surface no matter what finish or what project. This will prevent overlapping on the most visible spots such as the tops of tables and seats of chairs. Finally, contrary to some myths, it does not matter which direction you brush – with or against the grain – just as long as you are consistent with the direction you start with.

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Source: Popular Woodworking Magazine
Photo via Popular Woodworking Magazine