Interested in Building Furniture? Make it Multipurpose by Adding Storage

Building your own furniture can be a very rewarding experience. Not only can you save a bit of money, you’ll also add much more personality and character to your interior design with self-built furniture. If you do decide to build furniture yourself, consider making it multi-functional. The following are a few ideas for multi-functional furniture pieces:

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    Storage bed – Build a bed that has cubbies located underneath the frame. This provides you with storage space for books, magazines, extra linens and more. Instead of cubbies, you could also install drawers that hold these items as well as that comforter you don’t need during the summer.

  • Display coffee table – Build your coffee table so that you can display small antiques and collectibles inside of it, using a glass top to leave them visible. This is a creative way to display some of your more cherished items without having them clutter up a surface.
  • Office desk – Build your desk with small cubbies and shelf space to hold all of your paperwork and office tools.

These are just a few ideas for multi-functional furniture that you can build. To find wood in Kansas City, contact us at Schutte Lumber today.