Keep Dust Levels Low in Your Wood Shop

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Working with wood inherently comes with the concern of exposure to wood dust particles and the general nuisance of the accumulation of the dust as you work. This dust can easily cause a number of health problems if you do not use the proper methods to contain it. Plus, dust can lower your overall productivity. To increase the function and effectiveness of your existing routine consider these five tips.

  • Keep a lawn rake handy to remove big wood chips.
  • Place a set of small wheels on the underside of your shop vac nozzle to prevent it from getting stuck in place.
  • Create a tie-down for the vacuum hose near your saw in order to pull the dust away as you work.
  • Think out the box by using fittings made for RV hosing to create easy connect/disconnect points.
  • Connect your air filtration system to a timer which will keep the system functioning after you are done with your work.

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