Keep Your Lungs Safe With Air Filtration in Your Wood Shop

The most important thing about working with wood in Kansas City is safety. Not only does this include safety in terms of tool-use, but also in making sure that your work shop is properly ventilated. All of that wood dust can cause long-term issues if you’re not careful. This is why we recommend the use of the Powermatic Air Filtration System.

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Believe it or not, wood dust might be the most dangerous thing in your work shop, not those power tools. This is because wood dust is often overlooked as being insignificant. However, it can cause long term health issues. It’s the invisible dust in particular that is quite dangerous. These dust particles float around in the air only to be inhaled, resulting in small wounds and scarring to your lungs. While not noticeable over the short-term, it most certainly will be over the long-term.

The Powermatic Air Filtration system will trap upwards of 99 percent of all 5-micron particles and upwards of 85 percent of 1-micron particles, making your work shop environment much safer for your long-term health.

Don’t ignore the wood dust. Be sure to contact us at Schutte Lumber to purchase a Powermatic Air Filtration system today.