Keeping Your Wood Deck Protected from Water Damage

wooden deck maintenance
Source: Flickr

A wooden deck that is well-built and well-maintained can easily give your family years of enjoyment. In order to keep your deck in tip top shape, it’s important to inspect the boards, railings and stairs on an annual basis.

Water is the number one enemy of wooden decks. During your inspection, play close attention to any areas where water can pool, including where the boards have been nailed together. Many times the pressure from having the nail hammered in causes a small indentation. Because there are tiny gaps around the nail head, moisture can seep under and settle into the board itself.

Then since all boards aren’t 100 percent straight, cupping can occur, leaving in many cases very slight trough where water can gather.

Start your annual maintenance by checking all the nail heads and repair any loose ones by removing and replacing with wood screws. Sand down any splintered boards and take care of noticeable splits with wood glue and finishing nails. Then give the entire deck a good pressure washing and finally finish by resealing or restaining.

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