Layer Your Stains for Beautiful Effects

Wood has a natural beauty to it, whether it is used for flooring, decks, furniture, or any other home project.  Staining helps to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood, and it is fairly easy to apply.  You can take it another step further and create rich and beautiful visual effects by layering stain colors in a wood project.

Layering stains provides multiple benefits to the final look of your project.  For example, if your wood colors don’t match, layered stains can hide this flaw.  Layering stains can also create a much more realistic mimicry of another type of wood, so if you want your alder to look like cherry you can use layered stains for a more realistic illusion.

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Adding additional layers will also add a rich and vivid look to your wood.  Because stain, unlike paint, is translucent, you can see the color of one stain shining through the stain on top, creating depth in the final piece.

You can also create complicated designs with the use of masking materials.  This can give your piece the illusion of including complicated wood inlays in whatever design you choose.

Use the stains you can find at Schutte Lumber’s showroom to blend pieces together, hide the imperfections, or produce optical illusions for better project results.