Missouri's Arbor Day is Scheduled for April 5th

Arbor Day Missouri
Image via Martin Ruegner on Getty Images

Our country stands on the foundation that trees have provided for us. They have helped us provide for our families, natural surroundings, animal communities as well. As a traditional seller of wholesale timber here in Missouri, at Schutte Lumber we urge you and your family to plant a tree on the state’s Arbor Day, coming up on April 5. Here are some interesting facts about our natural neighbors that you may not have known.

  • Large trees around your house can provide enough shade to significantly cut your air conditioning costs.
  • Trees promote the neighborhood health and well-being. It has been shown that communities with more trees are high in sociability.
  • Kids with attention deficits function much better in treed environments, improving their abilities to concentrate and develop social relationships.
  • A pound of a typical tree can yield 1.3 pounds of oxygen and remove from the air 1.8 pounds of carbon dioxide. In general, trees store pollution and help clean our air.
  • Trees have been shown to be evident of neighborhoods with less crime.
  • Trees influence shopping and the overall economic quality of neighborhoods.
  • Trees provide an impressive economic base for the state, contributing billions to the economy.

Another important benefit of trees of course, is that they provide us with the homes we live and thrive in. Join Schutte Lumber and plant a tree.