New at Schutte: The Fein Multimaster System

Looking for quality control, durability and efficiency in an oscillating tool for contractors? Look no further. Schutte Lumber now offers the German-made Fein Multimaster that can take on any updating, restoring, remodeling or refinishing project with ease.

Recently featured at the durable decorative trim exhibition at the May 27th Katz Roadshow, the Fein Multimaster System embodies strength while still maintaining precision and detail. Hickory, maple, oak, copper, drywall, caulk, grout and even galvenized steel are no match for the Fein Multimaster. See how easy trimming, sanding, altering and removing can be with Fein’s high-speed E-cut blade, proper sanding pattern and flexible scraper blade. Increase your productivity while decreasing difficulty as you smoothly move from one application to another with the Fein Multimaster’s exclusive QuickIN accessory system.

Choose from Fein Multimaster’s Top Plus Kit, Select Plus Kit or Start Kit to perfectly fit your specific needs and projects. All kits come in hard carrying cases for the contractor that needs to be ready anywhere at anytime.

To learn more about the Fein Multimaster System or other Lumber Schutte products visit our Product Catalog or contact us at 1-877-771-0088.

Photo from Fein.