On Purchasing Sustainably Harvested Wood

Business-ethics.com recently responded to a reader who asked the question, “Which woods can I purchase without harming forests?” The short answer is, of course, to look for sustainably harvested woods, or even to seek out salvaged or reclaimed wood.

Because, as the article states, “Wood products are essential to modern life. Without wood we wouldn’t have the buildings, furniture, paper and other essentials we make use of every day. That’s why protecting sources of wood has become a leading concern among not just environmentalists but everyone else as well.”

Schutte Lumber carries lumber certified by the nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), so you can trust products carrying the FSC stamp were “harvested sustainably and are not contributing to deforestation-related woes. If you don’t see the FSC logo, you should inquire as to where the wood came from and whether or not it was harvested sustainably.”

For more information, see “Which Woods Can I Purchase?” on Business-ethics.com.