Project Ideas for Leftover Wood

woodworking projects
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If you have been working on a wood project of any kind, chances are you have a few pieces of scrap wood lying around after its completion.  Rather than throwing away a perfectly good piece of wood when your project is finished, you can use this wood scrap to make some very easy and beautiful home decorations.

  • Stand up a long piece of scrap and drill a hole in the top end. Now put a walkway light into the hole. Repeat 2 to 3 times and fasten the pieces together for a particularly interesting outdoor standing lamp for your deck or patio.
  • Drill holes along the length of the piece, spacing evenly of course, and put some votive candle holders in the holes. You can let the candle holder sit on a surface or fasten it to a wall.
  • As above, drill holes along the length of the scrap, but this time plan to put a few small cylindrical vases in the scrap to make a particularly nice floral arrangement.

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