Save That Project! Solutions to Common Woodworking Mistakes

woodworking projects Kansas City
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Woodworking can be an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. Watching as a piece comes to fruition underneath your hands is truly rewarding. Unfortunately, there are times when a single misstep can ruin an otherwise exceptional project. Here are three common woodworking mistakes and a few ways to make them right:

  • Router Burn – If you aren’t paying attention, it’s quite easy to burn a piece of wood with a router and far more difficult to sand off the burned edge. Instead, try setting the depth of your router to 1/64” more and reroutering the piece.
  • Loose Mortise and Tenons – If your cut your tenon a little too small for the mortise, don’t throw it away. Instead, glue a strip of wood on either side with the grain oriented parallel. Then, recut the tenon to the proper dimensions.
  • Gaps in Frame Joints – Highly visible frame joints need to exact. Small mistakes can be corrected by using pipe clamps to pull the stiles together and then adding a dowel to keep them there.

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