Spring Fever, Continued

Did you know that Schutte Lumber‘s contractor showroom is open to the public to serve both contractors and do-it-yourself customers alike? And, because we’re eagerly anticipating Spring’s arrival, when warm temperatures will have us hitting the deck, we wanted to remind you that we’ve got a fantastic amount of floorspace devoted to decking products.

Inside the Schutte Lumber Showroom
Inside the Schutte Lumber Showroom

What are some of the most popular decking choices out there? Kansas City Homes & Gardens explores this very topic. Here’s what they have to say about Cedar:

“Cedar has reportedly been used as far back as in the construction of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. Many consider cedar to be the product of choice in outdoor decking: it smells great, doesn’t warp, grays beautifully over time and has a variety of grain patterns and textures. Most important, it is naturally resistant to rot and not tasty to insects. Cool to the touch in hot summer months, it is less expensive and more readily available than redwood, which it is most commonly compared against.

Green Factor: As a softwood, it’s easy to work with, but be cautious when cutting as the dust can be a lung and skin irritant. Primarily found in the Pacific Northwest, these trees can grow as high as 200 feet and 10 feet across at the base. The rapid dwindling of old growth cedar forests has been an enormous source of concern. Look for a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) product label to verify accreditation of sustainable harvesting practices. Go to fscus.org to find out more.”