Tell Us About Your Woodworking Projects

With the rise in computer-assisted design, we have a renewed appreciation for traditional crafts such as woodworking. The tradition is kept alive at places such as Maine’s Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, which was profiled in Architectural Digest. Here woodworkers’ creations, such as the fluted butternut bowl above, are celebrated, and woodworking education and resources are provided.

On the other hand, computers have given woodworkers and other artisans an outlet to display and sell their wares on website such as Etsy.com where handmade goods fetch handsome prices and have an appeal that mass markets can’t deliver. To date, there are over 40,000 items up for sale in the “Woodworking” category on Etsy. Computers have also made woodworking projects and advice widely available.

We want to recognize our local woodworkers, professional and hobbyists. Send us your project photos and a brief description, and you could be featured on our blog! Entries may be emailed to Stacy Fyock at S_Fyock@SchutteLumber.com.