The Dangers of Oversanding

Dangers of Oversanding
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For many people, it was the first household task that they performed as a child – so “simple” that anyone could do it: sanding. While sanding  is a rather simple skill to learn, the dangers of oversanding lurk near every project.

Allow the premier Kansas City lumberyard, SchutteLumber Co., to share some useful tips that Mom or Dad might not have shared with you so that you don’t damage your wood:

  • Use the proper tool. If you’re unsure, read this terrific guide to direct your best efforts.
  • Keep moving so that you don’t risk creating scratches, dents or gouges in the wood and/or end up with an uneven surface. Assess the sanding job at hand and achieve a compatible rhythm.
  • Don’t press down too hard if you’re using a power sander; let the tool be your guide.
  • Resist the temptation to grab a sheet of sandpaper and get right to work; take the extra step of wrapping sandpaper around a sanding block to reduce the risk of creating an uneven surface.
  • Keep an eye on your sandpaper and change it when it becomes worn out. It’s easy to overdo a sanding job with withering paper.