The Signs of a Good Woodworking Plan

To successfully complete a woodworking project with flawless results, you need a well constructed plan. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, a woodworking project can go terribly wrong and lead to frustration and wasted materials with an inaccurate or hard to follow plan. Here are the elements to look for in a woodworking plan before starting any project.

The signs of a well-designed woodworking plan:

  1. A preview or sample excerpt of the plan is offered before you have to purchase it.
  2. There is an indication of skill level of the project.
  3. It includes a  thorough list of what tools will be needed.
  4. It includes a thorough list of all the necessary materials
  5. It includes a cutting schedule (which wood is used to cut which pieces)
  6. There are clear assembly instructions.
  7. It lists any required hardware (and for newer woodworkers, make sure it suggests where to buy them)
  8. The plan has a money-back guarantee in the event that you run into issues with the plan

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Information courtesy of National Woodworking.

Photo courtesy of Wood Magazine.